NO .ts audio on TV, but OK on PC? :-(

Using current version of SW, after trimming .ts file and playing on TV thru a NAS, one out of 20 files has NO AUDIO (original file audio OK; trimmed file audio OK on PC).

If I use Video Redo Plus (ver. 3, current version), problem does NOT occur.

Otherwise, default settings used in both, only trimming taking place (from Hauppauge DVR .ts file to .ts file).

Any suggestions? (It is VERY time consuming verifying audio works on TV before I feel comfortable deleting unedited DVR file; or should I just discard TV Suite 5 and stick to Video Redo Plus??

Thanks in advance.


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Does the file have multiple audio streams? Might want to try just unchecking the "allow multiple audio streams" option in the Save dialog.
Thank you both for your quick replies. I'll let you know how things go once I've had a chance to test at least 20 files (since the problem doesn't occur very frequently).

FYI: I'm using a Sony TV, DLNA, from a NAS. As I wrote, the problem only occurs about 5% of the time -- enough to be very frustrating.

I'll create a new profile w/the multiple audio streams unchecked.

Best wishes!
Update: I've tested this possible solution.

No, unselecting the "allow multiple audio streams" option in the Save dialog does NOT solve this significant problem for me (a "show stopper" in using this software, sad to say). :-(

BUT. . . .

VideoReDo Plus (current version, 3) is "good news/bad news": the audio is there but it is out of sync with the video! (I edit a DVRed .ts file (using the default settings; editing/saving as .ts, other than not the default mpg).

Quite disappointing! Neither VideoReDo product has the basic reliability I expect, esp. from a purchased product. :-(
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Thank you for the mention of MediaInfo! I'll start monitoring this info for the successful and unsuccessful edits & see where that leads.

Right now, I would guess I need to look at my Hauppauge capture card (WinTV HVR-2250) and the WinTV8 software, rather than the Video Re Do products (either version).

Best wishes!
Although I need to check with more files (only tried this solution out on a few .ts files:

From the hint by "Dan203," I can now identify, in advance, a .ts file that more than likely will have problems with the audio when played back on a Sony Bravia DLNA TV: For the recorded file, the mediainfo information will be almost completely missing. (i.e., container & general information, no video, audio, text, etc., stream info displayed under "basic.")

For both the Video Redo Suite (and Pro) software tools, if this problem occurs for you--is it just me? (i.e., a Hauppauge capture card and playing on a Sony Bravia DLNA TV, etc. (see previous post), the problem appears to be caused with either the Hauppauge capture card, the WinTV8 software, or the OTA TV program transmission (somehow; probably one of the former two, I would guess).

At any rate, in the Video ReDo Suite (or Pro) advanced settings: for the Suite, "Profile Options," change the Audio, Encoding Type from "Automatic" to "MPEG-2." For Video ReDo Pro, change Options --> Audio Properties from Automatic to MPEG.

Now to keep testing until I have a much larger sample size (i.e., .ts files with the problem, fixed by these steps). Thank you again!


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DLNA of all the simplest files can be very problematic. For example, my Song BluRay player only properly plays H.264 mp4 files with AAC audio. Transport stream files can be hit or miss. Sometimes, they play but don't navigate well, other times, there's no audio, or the sync is off. Have you tried other formats, such as mp4 files or program streams?