No Sound in 5


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I have had Videoredo 5 for ages with no problems. I also bought/installed Redo 6. Now I have no sound in Redo5 which I still want to use. I have tried reinstalling making sure it is on etc. and none of it works.


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If you have VRD 5 working correctly on another pc try exporting the working settings and importing it on the non-working pc.



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If the volume level (lower left of main screen) set to maximum?
I know this sounds silly, but I've done this soooooooo many times. Thought I broke something in the code because sound wasn't working, only to finally realize I just had the volume slider turned all the way down. Doh!


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Tools/options/playback devices/audio device.
I just bought a new Marantz 7705 Pre-Pro, and checked before, and thought I had it set right. I had it set to my Realtek which worked before, but wrong now.
Thank you for trying everybody!
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