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Just a suggestion... I too sometimes want to add a few secs of black segment when my edited video starts abruptly and it often didn't work when VRD joined the video.

I finally cut a 30 sec segment from a video that started with the 5-10 secs of black/no volume frames I wanted - whatever else came after didn't matter as I wouldn't be using it.
Then I recoded that segment in different resolutions (1080, 720, SD) and audio types (AC3, AAC, 2ch, 6ch)

Now, when I need some black padding, I load the "Black" file with resolution and audio that match into VRD, mark out a length of black I want for padding and add that segment to the Joiner queue with the rest of the segments from the main video I'm working on. I have had no further problems with joining opening black to programs.

My theory is VRD Joiner can't properly sync a file as short as 5-10 sec, especially if the short segment needs recoding to match the larger video.
Creating 30 sec files and cutting from the matching type allows VRD enough info to do a proper sync. Bluestacks Kodi Lucky Patcher

This may be limited to the specific raw files I create with my Hauppauge HD-PVR, but worth a try on your files.
exactly i think this may be limited to the specific raw files
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In my post dated 3rd Dec 2018 I mentioned that I've tried pasting various bits of black at the start of a program, sometimes OK, sometimes not. On Dec 5th Dan203 said "... (VRD) only processes a few frames around each edit point..." so it seems a bigger bit will make no difference :unsure:. For me, the problem only occurs when a title or bit of imported black video is the first thing to be processed. The absolute best way to be able to put a bit of black at the start of a program is to be able to fade to black the start of a contiguous stream of video & audio. That way there is no break in the frame sequence, etc. But it's not possible in VRD and sadly, probably never will be (n). I previously used Womble DVD which did have that feature and never had a problem with simply putting some black at the head or tail of a program. It did really nice fades and some effects, but didn't keep up with Windows versions past XP. VRD V6 is starting to look like it will be following in V5's rut, so the only other option now seems to be using a regular video editing program such as Vegas, etc. but they are much slower than VRD or Womble because of the rendering they do :(. Sad, very sad.
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