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Since my order for TDA has not arrived, since I already have Nero, since I need to burn some DVDs before my software arrives, I have been playing with NVE. In particular, I have tried to determine when NV Smart Encodes and when it fully encodes.

For a test, I just saved an mpg file downloaded from my ReplayTV to my hard drive with an LPCM audio track. I then burned it to the hard drive as if it were a DVD. Nero was finished in 4 minutes. That seems fast. It doesn't seem like NV could re-encode that quickly. How can I tell if the file was re-encoded?

If the NV encoded VOB file is opened in VRD, the Video Program Information is as follows:

Stream ID: AC3:0 (0x80)
Bit Rate: 192 Kbps
Channels: 2.0
Sampling Rate: 48000 Hz

The original file has the following parameters:
Stream ID: xC0
Bit Rate: 192 Kbps
MPEG Layer: Layer 2
Sampling Rate: 48000 Hz

As posted elsewhere on this forum, NVE wants to re-encode if the audio files are not compatible. Has anyone determined whether having VRD save an MPG file with an LPCM audio track makes in compatible?

Of particular interest is when I clicked on Burn for the file with the LPCM audio, "Smart Encoding" appeared under the preview window while the file was encoding. It is also going to take an hour, according to the Remaining time. Therefore, it appears that NVE may actually be able to make a DVD without re-encoding.

Is this old news? Has anyone observed the same behavior with NVE?


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This may verge on the irrelevant, but I'll offer it up anyway. I have Nero 6, which includes NVE3 and came with my DVD burner, and recently finished a 30 day trial of Nero 7, which included NVE4.

Nero has never approached the kind of speed you mention for me. Standalone audio has never taken long to process in my experience--I've been using Peak, Deck and Digital Performer on the Mac for years. "Save .AIFF As .MP3" has been about the only process you could call time consuming. On the other hand, the time taken to process video has been an eye opener. So I'm doubting audio encoding or the lack of same has much effect on the time Nero takes to process your videos. It has to be the video processing, or lack of same--as if Smart Encoding says little needs be done.

I'm curious: have you asked Nero this question? It is their product...


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Maybe I'm the only one interested, but it seems that saving an MPEG2 stream with LPCM audio, as mentioned above, solves the Nero Vision re-encoding problem. Since my TDA has arrived, it now appears that I could have used NV. That's okay. Each program has its strengths and weaknesses.


NVE as a shortcut

I suspect that Singjai is correct: reencoding the audio is trivial compared to the video.

I'm very happy using DVD Labs (Pro or old).
But for making DivX downloads into usable DVDs, I use WinAVI as an intermediate tool before authoring.
It converts the files to 720x480 and mpg2, and deals well with AC3 and even 16:9 source.

The annoying auto-format-convert of NVE sounds like it could be a useful one-stop tool for friends who want to turn DivX into DVDs.
Probably cheap, too, as they may already have it with some hardware they bought.

Maybe someone could offer some advice on the use of NVE3 or NVE4?

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