Need some basic help with frame size, please

I am a customer with TV suiteV4. I just downloaded and installed version 629d.

Here is my issue......

There is an old TV show that I download with my Tivo. It is standard def. When it comes on the television it fills up my entire screen.

I record this show with my Tivo Premiere. Then I use VideoRedo to edit these files and to strip out the unwanted content. My output file is regular ole, mpeg.

FYI.... the frame size on the output file shows to be 528x480.

Now, when I take this mpeg file and send it to the Tivo, it plays fine and it does fill up the entire screen. The audio is good. Everything is good.


When I take the mpeg output file, and run it through handbrake, and THEN send it to the tivo to be played, the tivo creates unwanted black bars on the sides of the video.

How can I fix this? Is there some way to configure the settings in VideoRedo so that it can create output files that can be edited by Handbrake and played full screen on Tivo?

Or....... any other suggestions would be very welcome as well, if anybody has any knowledge on this subject.

Many thanks. :)

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Since this is about Handbrake, moved to 3rd party.

528 is a non-standard video size.

Typical size is 720X480 or 704X480.

Check if there is an option in Handbrake to not reencode to pillar box.
Is there any way for VideoRedo to stretch the original source file from the frame size of 528x480(1.1 ratio) to an output file with a frame size of 853x480(16:9 ratio)




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In profile options, specify the frame size desired but don't use crop.

Make sure force recode is specified.

Also, just for my knowledge.....

Does anyone here have any experience with using Handbrake to change the frame size of a video file?