Need help reverting from 596

In the middle of a large editing job I foolishly updated to 596 and now it crashes trying to create dvds.
I need to revert to the previous version to get on with the work
Where can I get a stable version


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The releases are available here:

Plus does not create DVDs. Are you referring to TVSuite?

Is it crashing during authoring or burning?

What error are you receiving?

What is the source of your video files? What capture device do you use?

Is it only this one file or all files?
me too ... here is my error ...

I upgraded to the latest beta of VideoRedo Plus ( Windows Explorer reports in Properties Details) and started to get the attached error on Windows 7 64bit ...

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perfessor101, Look in your installation folder and let us know the size and date of SupportLib.dll.