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Muxman has been a great tool for quick burning. When I first started using it, I determined that it was necessary to save the audio as wave instead of mpa. After I posted this issue here last month, it was suggested that I did not have to convert to wave and that mpa would work fine. So, I tried muxing with the mpa file, and sure enough, it works.

Or so I thought. To try to remove some files from my hard drive, I started burning DVDs - with mpa audio. Just now, I burned a DVD of a show that I recorded with my ReplayTV after editing it with VRD and saving as an elementary stream. The problem is, the DVD has no audio. Now I am very concerned that other DVDs that I burned are not going to have audio. If that has happened, I will be very disappointed.

For now, I'm going back to wave audio. It would be helpful to know why the files with mpa audio do not have sound, either on my computer (Windows Meda Player, Media Player Classic, Nero) or on my DVD player. I thought there might be a different audio stream, but that doesn't seem to be the case.


When we first started talking about MuxMan, some six (?) months ago, I gave it a test run.
Was interested in whether it would handle my slightly non-standard video.
Most all of my source material is 544x480, and has either mpa (most all regular TV shows - stereo) or AC3 (some movies - dolby digital) audio.
MuxMan seemed to work just fine with .mpa.

There are some rules that most authoring programs cannot break.
The video for all shows must be in the same format (so all of mine would have to be 544x480, and it is).
The audio tracks must all be the same format (and generally, all mine is mpa).
DVD Labs Pro can author with multiple audio/video formats on a single DVD, but for two years, I never had it do so.

Some authoring programs cannot handle AC3 audio.
Ulead Lite or SE versions (if I remember correctly) do not have the plug-in for Dolby.
That's also true of other packages.
I don't know what MuxMan does with it, in case you accidentally slipped it a DD sound track.

If you could load one of the offending shows into VRD, press Ctrl-L, and click Copy to Clipboard, then past that info here, maybe something of interest will show up.

Hope this has given you some food for thought.


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That tells you the audio does exist on your DVD and you are having playback issues for some reason. Most likely due to codecs.

Authoring may also be an issue. If you are changing the audio format perhaps your system is not set up with the proper codecs and your DVD player cannot handle either the way the audio is converted, the authoring or the burning.

VideoReDo contains its own codecs and does not rely on system codecs.
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