Multitrack audio?


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Hi, I'm a big fan of this software, but just need to ask this. It would be extremely handy for me if there were some multitracking audio feature in VideoRedo.

I don't mean additional audio tracks (eg "commentaries", etc).

I mean, adding new sounds, FX, narration, music, etc - which can be "mixed" in with the existing audio track.

Yes, I can easily do this by demuxing the audio & importing into something like Audacity... But then I'm lacking the "visual cues" which I really need!

And yes, I know there's Womble's MPEG Wizard... But I'm just wondering how difficult something like this is to implement, and, if it's on the agenda at all?

Could some of the Audacity open-source code be integrated into VideoRedo, perhaps?

I don't know any programming :confused: , I'm just curious...!



two language or two format sound

I think there are times when we might use two different language sound tracks, or maybe stereo and DD5.1...if VRD supported them.
The authoring tool I use is more than happy to deal with 8 sound tracks, so I'm ready. ;)

Maybe something for the developers to put on their wish list for some future version.
How high a priority either of these ideas would be, well, that is is the question.

For what I am currently doing, VRD is very nice.
If I were editing home movies, I would be looking for a lot more features.
If VRD is to head that way, the wish-list will prioritize a different feature set.


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I wasn't talking about "extra" audio tracks, but the ability to "mix" audio in with your mpeg's existing audio.

But you're right, this probably is outside VRD's ballcourt.
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