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Does anyone know if this app will allow you to keep multiple audio streams, even after editing?
Not at this time.
It's on the radar but they've been a bit busy lately.

A lot of things associated with mpeg manipulation have to be licensed if you have a commercial product, like VRD, so seemingly simple things aren't always so simple. One of the strengths of VideoReDo is it's dependability, so new features are very well developed before they even hit the Beta stage. I think that TVSuite was a major change and new features will be developed for it rather than VRDPlus. If you're going to work with multiple audio streams while editing then the authoring module has to be able to accept them also.

At least those are my guesses.


Reading between the lines of what Dan said, I think the authoring will already do multiple audio and/or closed captions.
Users have been clamoring for the editor to support both for quite a while.
Now that authoring has been delivered, I suspect both will be on a short list for future enhancements.
But, that's just one lizard's opinion, so don't go by me. :D


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Thankyou both. Most informative. I do see it as a very worthwhile feature, if, like me you love director's commentaries... More so than disc burning.
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