Multiple audio not working in joiner output


I am trying to join multiple TV shows from the same MakeMKV created MKV files together, but keeping the commentary tracks. So for instance, MakeMKV created 6 separate MKVs, and I want to join them together, keeping the commentaries. When I click on "Create video from the joiner list" it will not allow me to save the video with multiple audio tracks, even though they should all have 2 audio tracks each, and come from the same DVD source. The "allow multiple audio tracks" check box is greyed out. However, if I just try and output 1 of the 6 shows, the box is no longer greyed out and I can tick it, but this would be pointless, as the joiner is what I need. It just won't allow me to use the joiner with multiple audio.

Any ideas of the reason ? I know it used to work with DVDs I did as I have a profile saved for this, but haven't done this in over a year or so again until now.

Thanks !!


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First off, have you tried TVSuite Version 6? If not, give an a try and see if that fixes the problem. If not, you can try using Tools>Show Program on each of the MKV files to see if the audio stream count and codecs are the same. Assuming that they are, do you want to upload some sample to us so we can try and duplicate it here.


Thanks Dan. Good news, I found the problem, I didn't realise that one of the 6 shows had a third audio track, where-as the rest had 2, so I presume this extra audio track was causing some kind of issue with the joiner sequence. Thanks for your help.

Just quickly while here, is there any advantage to VideoRedo 6 other than the HEVC editing ability ? As I may buy it, as I have bought the last few upgrades, but not had any reason to edit HEVC yet. I have just installed the trial but not sure what has been added yet. If I just edit h264 would I see any improvements over V5 ?
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