MS Teams recording with 8fps - audio playback in VRD 6 build 827 problematic


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I need to edit and cut a video recorded with MS Teams today.

Indeed everything worked fine in cutting out parts and store the new video with fast-frame-copy as mp4.
Nevertheless, when I played back the video in VRD the audio comes only in parts with pauses in between.
Is there an option to configure this or is this a "bug".

Parameters of the input has been:

Any feedback is welcome.




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I suspect that's actually a variable frame rate video. Try opening it in MediaInfo. Does it say it's variable frame rate with a large difference between the min and max?

Unfortunately VideoReDo does not support VFR video


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Dear Dan,

I inspected the file with Mediainfo:



It seems to be a fixed framerate, but video 8fps and audio 15,625 fps.

So variable frame rate should not be the reason for the stuttering audio playback.


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Ok well 8fps is the issue than. Our output chain only supports 15fps minimum.

You could try forcing a recode. Set the output profile to force recode and then set the framerate to 24. (use 24 because it's a multiple of 8)

There could still be an issue on the input side though. I'm not 100% sure if our decoder supports 8fps or not. You'll have to try and see. I've never actually seen a file that low.


Running the file through a quick stream fix solved it for me. The frame rate flag shows as constant after the QSF and it ran fine.
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