MPEG1 VCD file editing - output file not work


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I am trying to cut out the adverts in a VCD MPEG1 file. I used ISObuster 1.8 to extract the MPEG1 file from the VCD onto the hard disk. I use the "Extract but FILTER only M2F2 MPEG frames" option. File on the HD plays back fine in PowerDVD v6 and Windows Media Player v10. After using VideoRedo v2.1.2.417 trial (inc trial key) to edit the adverts out, saving as MPEG files, the resulted output file will NOT play in PowerDVD v6. Using WMP10 I can play the file, but it is MISSING the sound. I tried to save it as a elementary stream, then remux it using TMPGenc 2.5 - same result. All the settings for the program are set to what they were at install time. Any ideas?


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Why not just open the DAT files directly in VRD and see how that works?

I have tried home recorded and authored shows but did not see a problem. I did not have to do anything fancy to extract with VCD.

Let us know if it persists with direct loading into VideoReDo.


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Oops - my bad

The reason why the file wouldn't play was because I had the VideoRedo program still running whilst i tried to use another program that uses the video and sound, resulting in conflict.
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