Mpeg stream error: Audio Ring Buffer Overflow


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I've spent the past few years using VideoReDo to cut commercials from my Windows Media Center recordings and saving my output files using the H.264 WTV preset. I did so because the H.264 files saved storage space compared to the MPEG-2 files. This had never been an issue until a few months ago when the output process started aborting with the message "Mpeg stream error: Audio Ring Buffer Overflow." I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and switched to Plex DVR, so I was hoping that this would no longer be an issue working with MPEG-2 .ts files instead of .wtv files.

I've started trying to use preset "H.264 Transport Stream" to match the .ts file extension from the Plex DVR recordings. I continue receiving the same "Audio Ring Buffer Overflow" error message for these files when using the H.264 encoder. However, for the same files, the preset "MPEG-2 Transport Stream" saves the output files without any errors.

This was a clean install of Windows 10, so I wouldn't think that there would be an issue with my computer or the installed software. Has something changed recently within the VideoReDo software that would cause this issue when switching from the MPEG-2 encoder to H.264?


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Now this info is from V4...

"This error generally indicates a very severe problem, with your source file. I.e. audio is missing for multiple seconds. Here are some solutions (probably best to apply one at a time).
Since it is a recent occurrence could the files be corrupt or a transmission error?

Have you tried running Tools>QuickStream Fix first?

On the Tools>Options>Stream Parameters page, make sure the "Double Video Buffer Memory" is checked."


You might also check if the file has multiple audio streams. If it does make sure the correct one is selected as the primary and then in the Save dialog click Options and uncheck the one that says "Allow multiple audio streams". A lot of times this can be caused by a bad secondary audio stream in the file.


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Hi....I've used KMTTG to transfer files off of my tivo roamio to a pc's hard drive. I've selected the conversion option, which decrypts and converts the tivo file. So far so good, very happy with this ability. My questions: 1 - Can KMTTG put the original tivo file back onto the Roamio? 2 - Can KMTTG download the tivo files and then decrypt them at a later date, or decrypt them into a different format? and 3 - can KMTTG encrypt an mpeg 2 to a tivo file?

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This is usually caused by bad muxing in the source file. Try running the source file through QuickStream Fix first then editing the fixed file.
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