Mouse wheel very fast, arrow keys very slow


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Dear all,

To navigate in .ts 1920x1080 video files, I set "Mouse wheel" to 'Move next I-frame'. When moving the wheel fore or aft, navigation is very fast (better said : it flies).

I read somewhere that the Up- and Down-arrow keys are equivalent to mouse wheel increments. I must have had a wrong understanding, since navigating with those keys is sooo sloooow.

I certainly did something wrong: What I would like is the keys are as fast as the mouse wheel. So I can press a key and keep pressed to go fast. Instead of endlessly turn the mouse wheel, that wears-and-tears it.

I use, which to my liking is the last stable version I have tried.

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I only see the "left" and "right" arrow keys listed and I've set mine to "IFrames" (of the many options).

Repeat speed can be set (in W7) control panel>keyboard.



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I use the Shifted option to set my left/right keys to IFrame. So Shift+Right moves to the next IFrame and Shift+Left moves to the previous I frame. That way you can still use the regular left/right to move one frame at a time.
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