MKV (H.264) editing for Video Redo Plus

Hi, I just upgraded Video Redo to version VideoReDoPlusM-3-10-2-596.exe. However, I still can't edit H.264 files. The only reason I even upgraded to new Video Redo beta is to be able to edit frame-accurate H.264 files with popular containers such as MKV. Is there a setting I need to enable? I dont even see the MKV file extension available in the file types it can open.

I dont want to use the TVSuite product since all I need is just quick edits of MKV files. That's all.

Thanks for the quick reply. I guess VideoRedo Plus 3 isn't for me. The TVSuite just has too many features on it that I would never use. I just need something simple I can pull up an mkv/H.264 file in one second and cut out a scene within 10 seconds.

I thought I read somewhere that VideoRedo Plus beta has H.264 support (without all the bloat the TV Suite has). The Video Redo Plus beta doesnt look any different to me than the one I used 4 years ago with only mpeg/ts support. Hopefully theres going to be MKV + h.264 for VideoRedo plus sometime in the near future.


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We do hope to eventually release a version of Plus that support H.264. However it's probably still a ways off. MKV support in TVSuite v4 is on a shorter list and will hopefully be added in the near future.

Hi Dan! Thanks for the word. I hope all is well with you. I will check back sometime in the future to see how VideoRedo Plus is coming along.