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Whenever i am doing a DVD > Create DVD
now from MPG2 / TS all i see is this



although the titles are

92.000.Sein gutes Recht

In V 4 i always had these Titles set up from scratch into the main Video_TS Folders Box ( auto named )

92.000.Sein gutes Recht

IS this a Setup mistake by myself or unsupported now?
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I see everything here.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Try an uninstall/reinstall
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I reinstalled the Version 5 , have done cc cleaner / registry clean and its same behave

On my DVBS Receivers Harddisks all Shows have the Titling like example ( Recording no 56 )

56.000._Tatort - Heimspiel.ts
56.000._Tatort - Heimspiel.ts
56.001._Tatort - Heimspiel.ts
56.002._Tatort - Heimspiel.ts
56.003._Tatort - Heimspiel.ts
56.004._Tatort - Heimspiel.ts
56.005._Tatort - Heimspiel.ts

So i open them as usual ( combine ) and cut the commercials out.
Then i click on Create DVD

The Titling then is


and the Folder creation name should be

56.000._Tatort - Heimspiel.dvd

which it does in VideoreDo4 for years now

Version 5 cuts all away after


The VLST Name on Top of Screen in the Work Aerea ( Cut Screen ) is complete showing
56.000._Tatort - Heimspiel.vlst
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I don't think anything even changed in that code. But I'll double check and see what might be causing this.


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Do me a favor. Load just one of these files into the UI and then click Create DVD, does that have the right name? I'm wondering if it's the DVD itself or the creation of the vlst file from the combined files that's the issue.


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Just tried it. Its same behave then although it says .....ts then at the top bar

I noticed if the Source Filname is named like
56000_Tatort - Heimspiel.ts

everythings correct in the titling
The Folder Name then is
O:\56000_Tatort - Heimspiel.dvd

56000 Tatort - Heimspiel.ts
results in a correct folder
O:\56000 Tatort - Heimspiel.dvd


If it is including any "." in the Filename it is cut
56000._Tatort - Heimspiel.ts
results in

56.000_Tatort - Heimspiel.ts
results in

Hope that helps :)
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