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Why does VRD retain some of the old settings and not others when you do an install over an existing copy?

It remembers which editing mode I want (cut versus scene), that I don't want Topfield (Sp?), and several others. But it can't remember which skin I want and that I don't want it to monitor some folder.

Why not?


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When you change versions it copies settings from the old version to the new one, but some settings are either new or if they have different options (such as skins), they may be changed. This only happens when you switch versions. When you upgrade within an existing version all settings are remembered.


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Not certain I follow, Dan. This happens to me each time I upgrade to the latest beta on VRDTVSv4, i.e., VRDTVSH264-4-20-5-600 to VRDTVSH264-4-20-5-604a to VRDTVSH264-4-20-5-606c to VRDTVSH264-4-20-5-607e, etc. to to the current VRDTVSH264-4-20-5-610a.

Each and every time I have had to reselect the skin of my choice (The last one which means I am forced to scroll down several times), tell the program I don't want it to monitor some folder because I have some media center (which I've no clue about) and one other setting I don't remember right now.

As I said it is definitely not a showstopper, just a minor irritant. But if it should get corrected in some future release, it would be appreciated.


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The configuration wizard will run every time you install.

Simply click Cancel when the wizard appears.
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