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A DVD I made with a 10-minute clip and a menu works just fine on my Philips DVP642 DVD player. When I played it on a Zenith XBV342 DVD player, the starting menu does not pop up, and the disk starts playing 1:04 into the clip.

When I authored and burned the disk again, I noticed that there was a "padding 1GB" step. When I played that disk on the Zenith, it started about 5 seconds into the cut. After the cut played, the disk returned to the title menu with the Play button, just as it was supposed to do.

What is this behavior? I think I have worked around the problem by creating a disk with the cut on there twice, but I had to create two Play buttons instead of one, which is not what I wanted to do.


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I have no idea why your Zenith player would do this. There is no minimum in the DVD spec that I know of other then the 1GB padding thing, and most DVD players don't even care about that. Perhaps your Zenith player is simply having trouble reading the discs. Try slowing down the burn speed and see if that helps any.

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