Make 100% be real 100%

If you have cuts at the very end, when your video is being processed at this cut window title says "100%" despite of the fact that there are some operations pending and the whole percentage is actually someting like 99.89% being rounded up.

So, please, make it show the number 100 when whole process if finished ONLY.


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So would you rather it just hung at 99% then flipped to 100% right as the dialog closes? :)

To be honest the progress can never really be completely accurate. It's based on number of frames processed but we don’t actually know ahead of time how many frames a file actually contains. We basically guess using last time code - first timecode x frame rate. If there is any divination in the middle due to corruption, bad muxing, etc… then that estimate can be off. There is also some cleanup and finalization that happen when the output finishes that we can’t really quantify on the progress bar at all because it can vary wildly depending on the speed of the machine.

But if you'd rather it just hang at 99 instead of 100 I can do that. :D
Yeah, no need to accurately calculate percentage, just to hang at 99% until final dialog with frame and actual video bitrate counters appears.

My problem is overmindly simple and stupid:
- I start file cutting&saving process and minimize VRD`s window,
- at some point I see comletely fullfilled in-title progress bar and the number of 100% on it, so I overmindly think that processing is done,
- I restore window and instantly hit enter to close final report of frame and actual video bitrate counters,
- ???
- freak-freak-freak, it was fake 100%, it was still processing, and by hitting enter I just cancelled it at the very end,
- I have to restart it and wait whole another round of file saving :(
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