Loaded Videos Play Slow and Choppy (Audio Normal) After Windows 10 May 2019 Update 1903


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Ever since I installed Windows 10 May 2019 update, videos now play slow and choppy in VRD. I am assuming the update is the issue since that is the only change made to my machine. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? If so, is there a fix or a setting that needs to be changed? I am at my wits end trying to figure out how to fix this. I have been using this version of VRD for years with no problems so I will assume it is the Windows update at fault. Help?


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Check your video drivers. W10 likes to change them.
Also try the other video drivers selections in VRD.

Or undo the W10/1903 update.


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Ok, found the issue. Just the opposite of what you mentioned. Win 10 hasn't updated my video drivers since I originally installed it! I ASSumed that Win 10 would take over responsibiliy of properly updating to the latest video drivers but it doesn't; I was 17 revs behind the latest NVIDIA driver. Installing the latest NVIDIA driver fully fixed the issue. So thanks for the suggestion to check the drivers. It led me down the right path to find the root cause. Videos now play normally in VRD.


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There is a program called Driver Easy that supposed to monitor all your drivers and keep them up to date. I've never used it but it was recommended on another forum I frequent and it looks like it's pretty good
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