List of all shortcut keys?


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Is there a current list off all the shortcut keys for VideoReDo Plus? The section of the help file that lists them isn't up to date (or at least it doesn't seem to be). I assume this is because Plus is sitill a beta product, and this is fine.

In particular, are there shortcut keys for the "mark in" and "mark out" buttons?


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Mark-in and Mark-out are in the current help file.

When Plus is released all the new shortcut keys will be in the help file.


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I'm sorry, I looked again in the Help Shortcut key list, and I finally figured out why I hadn't found this before. It's F3 and F4, right? They are listed in the help file as "Sel Start" and "Sel End" instead of "Mark In" and "Mark Out". Which I finally realized was a difference depending on the value of "One Click Selection".
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