License Agreement amendment

Dave B

Please can the License Agreement be slightly amended?

Many may be in breach of the agreement without intention, or realisation if they have multiple drive data backups.

Section in question.
2. Scope of Use... ...except you may make one copy of the Program in object code form as supplied, solely for backup or archival purposes...

Please understand the above question intention is constructive. Apologies if I've misunderstood the agreement.

Thank you for your time, and feedback.

Dave B

Hi Dan, Please do you have any feedback from your discussion? Hoping for a positive outcome. Kept checking section 2 of each beta. :)

If someone has a NAS, and copies the installer to the desktop, or mirrored array data drives, imagine they are unintentionally in breach of the license agreement?
Whilst have a preference for multiple data backups, I also want to do what's right.
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Tell you the truth this item hasn't gotten any action. We will check it out.
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