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I have a 4.7GB .ts file I am trying to edit, but when I try and open it in VideoRedo TV Suite it just hangs saying "not responding"

Any ideas?

I notice that VideoRedo is 32 bit, is there a 64 bit version, could that make any difference.

Any suggestions much appreciated

Many thanks


That size should be easily manageable by VR.
Maybe you need first to determine whether the reluctance to open is down to a fault in the file. Can you run it through Quick Stream Fix? Do other programs open it ok? Perhaps TSUMuxer. Does the file play back and navigate ok using Windows’ own players or VLC?


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Yeah that size isn't an issue at all, most likely something else about the file causing the hang. Try going to Tools->Options->Stream parameters and checking the Ignore Transport Maps option then try opening the file again. If that doesn't work try QSF with both that option checked and unchecked. If that still doesn't work open the file in MediaInfo and paste the info here so I can see what kind of streams we're dealing with.
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