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I have a question about keeping the same aspect ratio when recoding videos.

So check out this example:
Let's say that I have a video with the width of 1134 pixels, and a height of 620 pixels: 1134 x 620.
Whenever I recode my videos, I always adjust the pixels so the video is in 480p format (this implies that the height is 480 pixels). Yet when I set the pixels to 480 for height, I would have to figure out, mathematically, what digit I would have to input for the pixels for width.

One thing I noticed in VideoReDo over the past few weeks of usage:
When recoding a video, if I actually type 480 for the new pixels in the height, I can type any number for the width, for example 30000, and I would still get the correct video size aspect ratio.
So the new aspect ratio of the new video will be 878 x 480. (In order to get the correct pixel aspect ratio from 1134 x 620 to ### x 480, you would have to use some mathematics for that: 480 times 1134 divided by 620 which is equal to: ...about 878)

So like I was saying earlier, even though I can type 30000 pixels for the width, and 480 pixels for the height, I would still get the correct aspect ratio when playing the video (it will play the video as 878 x 480). YET, one little bug about this is that if I look at the Details / Media Info of the video file, it will say that the video size is 30000 x 480 pixels, which is not correct. If that was the real case, then the video would look like a really wide and smushed horizontal rectangle of some sort.

So I am wondering if there's some sort of similar option, like in HandBrake, which I used a bunch of times in the past, that can automatically figure out the aspect ratio of the new pixels for the new video. (Look at the attached image). There's a checkbox to keep the same aspect ratio. So for example, once I start typing 480 for the Height, the number for Width will automatically type itself in using the aspect ratio calculation.

(The example in the attached image uses different numbers.
The original video is: 600 x 338 pixels
If I type 300 for the pixels for Height, then the pixels for Width automatically was figured out by the program. And vice versa: Assuming I type 200 for the pixels for Width, the program will automatically figure out what to insert for the new digits for Height)



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You're confusing encoded width with display width. You can encode the video at whatever oddball width you want and it'll still play correctly because the aspect ratio is what dictates the display width. So if you have a video that's encoded at 3000x480 it's still displayed at 853x480 when you play it back because that's what the aspect dictates. (480/9x16 = 853.3333) All those extra pixels are just being squished to adhere to the aspect ratio. If you viewed the encoded video without the aspect ratio turned on you'd see that it's actually 3000x480 and really long and narrow. However if the source is only 1134 pixels wide then you're wasting bits encoding pixels that you don't need and forcing our resizer to create pixels that don't exist by stretching the original video to that width.

There is no "keep aspect" feature in VideoReDo but it's easy enough to figure out...


So in the case of your video it would be...

480/9x16 = 853.333

However if your intention is to make the most compatible video then I'd actually suggest you use 720x480 instead. That's the standard used by commercial DVDs and will be compatible with almost all player and applications. Some of the oddball resolutions, even if they're technically the proper aspect, could give you issues in certain players/apps. The standard resolutions that are guaranteed to play on any device/app are....

352x480 (SD)
720x480 (SD)
1280x720 (HD)
1920x1080 (HD)
3840 x 2160 (4K)

Anything else might cause issues with certain devices/players.


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Hello. Thank you for the reply. Yes, I can use the calculation to figure out the new numbers. The reason why I was asking for this feature is because I have a bunch of videos on the computer that are not the usual 1280x720, 1920x1080, or even 640x360, I have some very random videos with some random dimensions. Some are vertical 240x400, and some horizontal with random numbers like 568x498, 710x536, etc.

So I was just curious to see if there was an option like that in VideoReDo that can automatically figure out the other dimension (using the aspect ratio computation) if I typed in one of the dimensions. I have an app on the computer can do the calculation for me, so I'll just copy-paste the number to VideoReDo. No worries.

I really appreciate the reply. Thanks so much. =)


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What I'm saying is the resolution doesn't really matter. As long as you set the aspect correctly it will play correctly no matter what the resolution is. Now if the source video is some odd resolution and has aspect set to 1:1 then it can be an issue. It may not match any of the normal aspect ratios. If that's the case then you may have to just leave is as is or try to crop it so that it is a standard aspect.
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