Joining .MOV files, output seems fine but has issue with PowerDirector 17


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Been trying to join various short clips w/out re-encoding or changing containers if possible.

One type is .MOV files from a Canon DSLR.

I can join these in VRD and select .MP4 output, and change the MUX type to "MOV" in the advanced settings for h264 and it works (and without changing the frame rate slightly, which I've had issues with other file types...)

So that's good, and the file seem to work normally in numerous players.

But I notice that importing this VRD generated .MOV into PowerDirector 17, and then doing nothing but selecting an output format, and clicking the "look for matching encoding settings" (think that's the name...) it says it can't find a format to match.

Any of the original .MOV files that VRD used to make this joined file don't do this - it says "100% match found - .MT2s"

So maybe this is a PowerDirector issue, but I wonder what is different that it can't figure out?

I've tried changing a number of things in advanced settings, but nothing changes PowerDirector's analysis of the file.

Interestingly, if ffMpeg merges the files, PowerDirector has no issue with it's output - finds the "100% match" as above.

Problem there is that the frame rate of the ffMpeg output is very slightly different than the source files (which I've had lots of trouble with , VRD does the same thing in other instances).

Thanks for any insight.
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