Joiner Project codec MPEG vs. AC3 error


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I have an older version ( of Video Re-Do Plus, that works fine for what I used it for.

I tried to combine various .mpg's using the joiner. Some clips got added to the joiner, but with others, I'm getting the following error " Current joiner project used audio codec: MPEG and a sample rate: 48000, Video being added has an audio codec: AC3 and a sample rate of 48000. Audio parameters must be the same when joining."

How can I fix this error ?




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Thanks. That's good to know.
Also, I did find this n my notes (and obviously didn't remember I had a solution):
When using joiner to combine more than 1 video, if you get ‘current proj. audio codec AC3 …must be same when joining, etc) Load the file that has the AC3 audio, Save Video as, select Options, and change Audio properties to MPEG.


I don't believe this is an issue with current versions of TVSuite, just VideoReDo Plus and Version 3 of TVSuite.
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