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Hi, i'm going to try again... can you guys help me?
I've used the joiner many times but recently, it's not completing the job. It's happened on several occasions with different video files. It means I have to re-record the episode again :(
Is it a bug?

As you can see, the joiner files total 39:37:08.

example #1.jpg

Everything looks good at the beginning.

example #2.jpg

But for some reason, it shoots up to (6/6) early in the process and the time remaining increases dramatically.

example #3.jpg

Then, out of the blue, the output file appears but is only 00:19:33- nowhere near the 39:37:08 I asked it to do.

example #4.jpg

Any advice would be appreciated. I've updated to the latest beta, but the problem is still there.
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Seems like there are problems with one or more joiner segments.

QSF each segment separately and see if VRD complains at all about one or more.

"MediaInfo" can give you a lot of the files specs about the video segment.
The segments tend to need to all have the exact same specs for them to join.



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All segments were captured from Elgato in one session, it's just I've split them to make editing the episodes easier.

Basically, to give you a picture of my scenario - I record episodes of shows in 720p overnight using Elgato HD60, - just leave it recording overnight and split them the day after - trouble is my cable box closes down after about 3hours 45 mins. So that means I have to record the last 15 minutes separately and join it later.
There is absolutely no reason they shouldn't be able to be joined back together because they were recorded in EXACTLY the same way, seconds apart.

I've done this for weeks with hundreds of episodes and never had a problem.
I'm only reporting it because it happened once yesterday and then this today.
Yesterday I thought it was a one-off glitch and re-recorded the entire episode in one-go but today I felt I had to report it.
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Hello esclad,
I'm not sure I got it all right. Some video files have damages inside which are not really noticeable on the surface at first, but suddenly cause problems during further processing. If I see it right, at least one of the part is damaged. The best way to find out, where the problem could be is to save the individual segments separately with VRD. Then load the saved segments one by one and add them to the joiner and join them. This should work even with damaged files. If you haven't tried this yet, this could be a test. If there are additional problems at the cutpoints (pixelation) there are some further workarounds to get that away too. I could also explain that.



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Totally agree with "Winnewup"...
You really really need to test the segments individually. You are assuming that the files MUST be the same.
That can be a mistake. Test them and then come back here let us know the results.
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