Joiner function no longer works


So I recorded the Hockey game on Wednesday night on NBC as well as the post-game coverage on NBC SN
I edited the commercials out of the NBC game broadcast and saved it to H264 (Broadcast network channels have been MPEG 2 for a couple of years while every other channel is H264)

I did the same to the NBCSN coverage. Saved to H264

Wen I go to join them together, the counter never goes above 0%, and eventually,the whole process stops

I have used the join function hundreds of times before without incident, and when I go and join other file types, it also fails, it's like the entire functionality has stopped for me.

If I have just 1 file in the joiner, it rips through quickly, but if I had that 2nd one, that's where it trips up

Please assist


it appears that one of my files was corrupted in that any other combination of files i had on hand I could use the joiner

I found a work around of transferring the game from my DVR ( yes i DVR as a backup) and then the postgame and used VRD editing to make it one file
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