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I just ran into a situation where I wanted to join several files in V6 and the joiner reported that a major recode was required. I went through the various file properties and found just one file just happened to have a different video resolution. I recoded it separately, replaced it the joiner list, and the joining was successful without a major recode. I searched the forum and found while a joiner enhancements to address a situation like this have been requested for a long time, there are not many posts. So it seems like this does not come up a lot, or other users have gotten used to working around this.

Would it be possible to:
- Display the video/audio properties of files to be joined that would potentially trigger a major recode? This could be either in the main joiner list or a separately launched window. This would make it a lot faster to find any files that differ from each other and then reprocess them individually before joining
- Select the "reference" file (properties) for the joiner. Any files that match would just get copied in, the others would get a force recode to match.




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Not really possible.

The check for recoding isn’t done until the save dialog is launched, and even then it's a dumb check that just returns true/false. It doesn’t provide any information as to what caused the recode, so even if we ran it sooner it wouldn’t tell us which file(s) are triggering the recode.

As for just recoding the files that need it.... in VideoReDo there are basically two paths for output. The smart edit path and the recode path. The smart edit path isn't capable of selectively recoding just some files. It was designed with the assumption that all input is compatible and all it needs to do is recode a few frames at the cut points.

Both of your suggestions would require major reworks to the code.
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