Joiner bug - 766a


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Win7 - x64

While working with a joiner project under XP-32, VRD v758b gave an error near the end of the 2nd piece. The log entry didn't make any sense. In any event, I copied all of the file to the Win7 box. Of course the joiner had no idea where the files were, so I did an joiner edit whereby I double-clicked on the entry to get VRD to load the file. Once I did that to all five pieces, I resaved the joiner project and the selected Creation. VRD immediately errored out saying that the joiner list references files that no longer exist. Not true. I just told VRD where all the files are. Oops! VRD needs to update the references when the files are found.


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That's not how it works. When you doible click a joiner entey like that it doesn't update the joiner list unless you make a change. Finding the file is not a change we look for. Only actual changes to the edits.

While this is probably something we could fix, this is the first time anyone has ever mentioned it in the 12+ years I've been working here, so it's low priority.
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