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OK I am on Windows 7 64-bit.
Have VideoReDo TVSuite 5.1.1
I've run VideoRedo and converted a file.
Opened it once as Administrator
Install VAP 135
Set Monitor Folder (D:\Recorded TV) has a bunch of WTV files in it
Set Temp to D:\Conversion\temp
Set Output Folder: D:\old\test (this was for testing for now)
Set Process Inputs to: D:\old\Archive
Checked Do Ad Scan
Checked Use ComSkip Ad Scan (I have donator version from MCEBuddy but not sure if it will see it)
Checked Auto Cut After Ad Scan
Checked Move processed inputs
Under Advanced set TV Series Output to: {title}\Season {seasonnum}\S{seasonnum}E{epnum}-{eptitle}-{date}
X's out of Advanced

Currently Output type is limited to 5 types and output profile and extension are not giving options.

If I click "Start Processing" the Output Type will go away and Output Profile will now be populated. Can tell something is processing as things are slow. I select MPEG2 (WTV) from the list.

VAP now barely refreshing but rest of system is mostly unused. Below is current status:


Temp folder shows no activity. Is this doing anything? The whole way the Output Profile works scares me also.

Should be noted that I hit the Start Processing button before but now shows "Start Processing" again. VideoREdo is showing 1 percent usage and when I tab away from VAP and back, VAP takes a while for the screen to refresh. Almost like it's doing something but the computer show no utilization.

As a side note, on the log at the bottom, where it says MPEG2 is encoding for bla bla bla. Sometimes it says H264 is encoding for bla bla bla. Shouldn't based on the profile I selected they all be MPEG2 encoded when done? Or is that what the "source" encoding current is?

Once all the files are done "TRANSFERRING" whatever that is, the app calms down even though technically the computer isn't doing much. Now it's just sitting there with "Start Processing" button and "Run VideoReDo" selected when I click on one of the files. Shouldn't this thing be processing the videos? If I click Start Processing again which is counter intuitive to a watch application, it switches to "Stop processing" but I do not see anything happening. Just spits out the text in the box at the bottom:


Continuing saga. So for whatever reason the Setting for selected file are all set to Block Processing. When I unchecked it for one file which seems to be the only way to do it at a time, it started processing that file. But once the AD Scan was done, it moved the file to a stalled folder. At one point I saw a popup "Mpeg stream error: Open error for WTV output".


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If you want to use the "Early Access" (Donator) version of Comskip, that version of ComSkip.exe and a valid ComSkip.ini file must be present in the ComSkip subfolder of the VAP installation folder. The VAP installer places the free versions of these files there although it will not uninstall or overwrite an existing ComSkip.ini file, and it will prompt before overwriting the Comskip.exe file.. If VAP doesn't find the two ComSkip files in the proper location, the "Use ComSkip Ad Scans" checkbox will be disabled and greyed out.
If the conditions to use ComSkip are not met, Ad Scans will default to using VideoReDo Ad Detective. VAP detects which version (Early Access or free) is installed and tries to use that info to determine when to revert to VRD Ad Detective.

After ensuring you have the appropriate comskip files in place (per above), shut down and restart VAP. Go ahead and get processing started for one of the input files by unblocking it. (You will not have to unblock files that are depositd there later.) Whenever processing completes (or fails), please obtain the complete VAP log file. The log file is cumulative, is named "VRDAutoProcessLog.txt" and is located
in the VAP data folder (%APPDATA%\VAP). The log file display in the program GUI mimics this log file, unless it gets too large, in which case only events from the current session are
displayed -- but cumulative logging to the file continues. Whenever a log file reaches 100K size, it is renamed with a time/date stamp and a new log file is started.

Please load the log file in a text editor and select the last portion starting with the last time you started VAP. Save that portion to a new text file and attach it to a post here.

VAP should work for what you are doing.

BTW it's recommended you use the latest beta version of TV Suite 5, downloadable from here:
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