Is TVSuite 5 what TVSuite 4 was supposed to be?


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I just noticed that I had offered a "reduced" upgrade from TVSuite 4 to TVSuite 5. Essentially I learned, that TVSuite 5 fixes the artifacts in reencoded parts.

Maybe its just me, but when I bought Version 4 in Beta state, I EXPECTED that this will be fixed in Version 4 instead of leaving me with a broken product for years and selling me the bug fix as an upgrade.

I realized that it took them forever to fix this issue and possibly required a substantial rewrite. However, I am dissapointed that the fix never made it to TVS4.

Also, the "cheap" $19,99 upgrade offer seems to be gone without notice. I think I am finally done with this product and stick with Smart Cutter, which I bought after VideoReDo never really worked for me.

I might also add, that with HEVC as the standard for UHD broadcasts, the next upgrade is also on the horizon. BTW: 4k/UHD H.264 as offered by TVS 5 is at least for me as useful as HD MPEG2 support was in earlier products ...


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The upgrade was a limited time offer, but if you're still interested email me at support.
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