is 771a beta the same as 771 official ?


Hello. I see has been released, per notification from
Version - Release date: 2018-12-10
H264 output dimensions can now be set to multiple of 2 for width and 4 for height.
Fix: French and German version of the output profile dialog had incorrect settings for normalization levels.
Fix: Use VMR9 instead of EVR for AMD graphics cards on Windows 10.
Fix: Lots of changes and fixes, please see change log for details.

Although, the release download page still refers to 771a
Last Update:
December 10, 2018

So, just to confirm, is 771a from the beta builds forum thread
TVSuite V5 - (Released 2018-09-25)
the same release as official 771 ?

The 2 files (download and beta download) are the same size.



< sound of crickets chirping >
download both and do a binary diff on the files
>FC /B VRDTVSH264-5-4-84-771aBETA.exe VRDTVSH264-5-4-84-771aPUBLIC.exe
Comparing files VRDTVSH264-5-4-84-771aBETA.exe and VRDTVSH264-5-4-84-771APUBLIC.EXE
FC: no differences encountered
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