installing VideoReDo Plus 3-10-3-609b.exe


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I have now tried several times to install this update, as recommended by the software itself but each time I get two problems:
one says "Cannot find inport; DLL may be missing, corrupt, or wrong version File MPEGEncoderDLL.dll error 5"

then, more worrying my AVG Resident Shield program popps up to say:
"Threat detected c:\program Files(x86)\VideoReDoPlus\MPEGEncoderDLL.dd"
"Virus found Win32/Virut"
"Detected on open"

Can you explain what's going on and how to I fix it?

I am using Windows 7 (64-bit) and my Virus protection is "AVG Internet Security" version 9.0.872 and (if it's any use to you) the virus database is updated 3/1/2011

I don't imagine it is a virus, but something in your code must look enough like one to kich off AVG and cause the said DLL to be removed, and thus stops VideoReDo from working!!

any comments or help would be much appreciated



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OK that explains the virus alert which I did say that I assumed was a false one but what about the fact that the DLL can't be found? without that, the program doesn't run and I therefore can't upgrade. Or are you saying that AVG removes the DLL thinking it's a virus, hence it can't be found?

Is that the official response from DRD Systems technical support?

thanks for the help


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AVG removes the DLL

More information is available here:

If it still detects it, then go to AVG, selected Advanced settings, click on "Resident Shield > Advanced settings" and add the DLL to the list of excluded files.

If you need to restore deleted files from AVG Virus Vault you can do it this way:
- Open AVG user interface.
- Choose "Virus Vault" option from the "History" menu.
- Locate the file that was incorrectly removed and select it (one click).
- Click on the "Restore" button.


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thanks for the instructions. I guess I should have searched better before posting bit I always find reports of a "virus" a bit scary!!

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