Info of batch processed files displays wrong icon

I ran 7 files through the batch manager today and I noticed a glitch when I viewed the output processing details for all of the files at once. One of my files had some audio resync errors, so it had a yellow exclamation mark next to the file name; the problem is the file below it in the list also had a yellow exclamation mark even though that file processed without any errors.


If I select the file individually, the file without errors correctly displays a green check mark.

I'm running on Windows 7 Pro SP1 64-bit.


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So only the one after the one with the error has the wrong icon? The one above it has the green check? If you open even more files does it show the error icon for all the ones below the one with the error? Or just the one right below it?
The files above it were good and have the green check mark. All of the files below the one with the error display the wrong icon.
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