I-Frame Navigation Hang


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I recently moved from VideoRedo 5 to 6 and started noticing program hangs during navigation. I have my left and right arrow keys mapped to move an I-frame at a time. My source files come from Tivo and I used pyTivo Desktop to download the files (without errors) and process through QS to produce a .ts file. I have noticed that this issue does not occur on VideoRedo 5, but does occur on VideoRedo 6, both the released version and build 834 (2021-11-15). Further, I noticed that the issue only occurs on shows that I record from ABC. I have cut out a short segment and will upload it. The segment exhibits the issue 100% for me if I advance through the file either holding or slow pressing the right arrow (advance I-frame). Hopefully, you can observe the issue too. Here's a screenshot of where it hangs on my in the uploaded segment.

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