How to Upload Samples to VideoReDo Customer Support

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The VideoReDo file upload site can be accessed via the following link:

Please, do not upload files unless specifically requested by VideoReDo personnel.

Do not compress video files with utilities such as RAR or Zip.

Most importantly, after your upload has completed, send an email to letting us know about the files.

Your uploads will be placed in their own sub-folder identified by your name, message board handle, etc. You enter this information in the box labelled Ticket or Thread Number:

Please also include a reference to your user name on the forum and the topic number in the subject of the email.

For Trim and copy samples that you submit:
For WTV files: Make sure to set the start MB=0
For REC - Make sure to set the start MB=0
For Tivo - Make sure "Copy Tivo Header" is selected. We will also need your Media Access Key.

(The topic number is in the URL. For example this thread is 15807.


Samples submitted that do not follow the above mentioned criteria will be deleted in the future and you will need to resubmit them.
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