How to get new version?

Hi There. I have a couple of questions?
Are you working on being able to edit AVI files at all, and if so how long before you can? And also A lot of people now have Topfild PVR units which are the 700HD type, will you be able to edit these in the future with VideoReDo, and again how long? I see that you can now already edit Topfield 500 model PVR units.
Thanks for your help. Cheers John Hutton.


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AVI is a container for a variety of formats: DV, MJPEG, MPEG4, etc. What format are you interested in?

We are planning to support MPEG4 files in a future release. No timeframe is established.
Thanks Pat
The MPEG4 was the one I am interested in. You have been saying you are bringing that out for a while now, but still no time ?
What about the Topfield 700HD PVR files are you looking at that at all?
Cheers John.
Yes, I think the HD 7000 PVRT series. I've now got one too and it would like to know how VRDTVSuite will fare with it. I've just done a test and VRD opens the file (mpg - not sure if 3 or 4) and will edit etc. But on play it seems to jump a little every now and then. What I guess must be dropped frames.