How to change Audio Stream to MPEG1?


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After recording a digital TV program using CyberLink's PowerCinema, sometimes the first file in the series of files cannot be opened, although all the others are OK. All files are .MPG.

When I attempt to open the file with VideoReDo to remove the adds' I get a error message: "Audio Stream not MPG1". All the other files in the series play OK.

CyberLink's PowerDVD opens the file, but the only sound is occasional 'clicks' and the video runs in stops and starts.

Not sure if it is relevant, but the latest example with this problem was recorded from a (Free to Air) HD TV transmission.

Appreciate any advice or assistance.


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Can you play the file in WMP? If so see what the properties are and post them here.

Also you can try using Trim and copy. Tools>Trim and Copy Source File

Try starting at about 5 or 10MB into the file.


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Thanks for your response Pat.
Opening it in windows Media player plays the file but the sound is just clicks & clacks. Also the speed of replay seems wrong (fast?).
The properties listed in WMP= Media type- Video.
Video size- 1920 x 1080. Aspect Ratio- 16:9
Audio codec- CyberLink Audio Decoder (PCM4)
Video codec- Nero Video Decoder.
Media usage rights- "This file is missing media usage rights.


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Further info Pat.
I also opened up one of the other files in the same recording session and it has the same properties in WMP but it plays correctly and the sound is right also.
After doing a Trim and Copy of the faulty file VRD starts playing the video (Without sound track) but shortly after I get an error message:- VRD has encountered a problem and needs to close etc. With an option to Debut or Close.
The information on the error is:- AppName videoredo.exe AppVer ModName: unknown. ModVer: Offset: 00000000.
I hope this tells you more than it does to me.

Cheers, Peter.


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Could you trim and copy a 30-50MB segment of the original file and upload it to us? Tools>Trim and Copy Source File

Confirm that the trim and copy segment has the same problem before uploading.

Create a folder with a unique name and place the file in it.

Send an email to Support @ and let us know when it has been successfully uploaded.

Also include a reference to this topic number: 7685


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Can you reproduce with a smaller 30-50MB segment?

If you continue to have upload difficulties, Send an email to Support @

Include a reference to this topic number: 7685
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