How reliable is open from DVD?


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Chkdsk has screwed up part of my 3tb drive including my library of ripped DVD's and I was wondering, if vrd fails using the open from DVD function does that mean the individual movie files are useless or is there another way of recovering the data?


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The "Open Title From DVD" function really only looks at the IFO files. If it fails it does not mean the video is no good. You should try opening the VOB files directly and see if that works.



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Thanks Dan, unfortunately it looks like they're all gone courtesy of a 3gig drive, an out of date Intel driver and chkdsk.
I just rebooted the box one day and chkdsk ran without being asked when my back was turned and deleted many "orphaned files." Nothing seemed to disappear but many files were corrupted. Fortunately much of what was lost was backed up elsewhere. Trying to get them back was worth a try!
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