How do I remove one frame


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I am using VRD build 456. Quick quesrtion:

I want to remove one frame from a video. How do I do it?

1. Do I set "start" on the frame before and "end" on the frame after; or
2. Do I set "start" on the frame before and "end" on the frame I want removed; or
3. Do I set "start" on the frame I want removed and "end" on the frame after;



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frame to remove |
other frames ---
mark-in ]
mark-out [

----|---- frame located to remove


This is using scene mode, it maybe different in cut mode. You'll need experiment to see if any difference in cut mode.


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To remove one frame, set start on the frame you want to remove and end on the frame after.

The thumbnail display will show red and green lines above the frame showing which will be cut. Red=cut, green=output.


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In cut mode, I follow the "First Bad, First Good" rule - ie set the thumbnails to "Single Frame" then put the Mark In marker on the "First Bad" frame (ie first frame in the bit that will be cut out) and the Mark Out marker on the first good frame (first frame of the bit that will be left in).

If you do this, and put the Mark In on the frame you dont want, and the Mark out on the next frame, then I believe that will give you a one frame cut (as indicated by the red line above one frame in the thumbnails). :)

There might be some weirdness with pseudo-frames when 3:2 pulldown is involved, but that sort of discussion is best left to Dan or Pat, as it is above my pay grade. :)


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3:2 pulldown material is a strange animal.

The rule there is: you can't perform any action on a "P" frame because a frame does not really exist. It is an imaginary placeholder.



I'd be curious as to the application - removing one frame.

Did you have a noise burst or interference to remove?
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