How do i get videoredo v6 to save subtitles when using quickfix


I have some mkvs on my computer some of them have issues. with the video itself they have subtitles. Videoredo does it job repairs my videos but i loose the subtitles is there a way for videoredo v6 repair the mkvs and transfer the subtitles over on the fixed video? Also can videoredo 6 fix any issues with with subtitles and videos at the same time?


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This is what I've got in my VRD "problems file"...

We only support 3 kinds of subtitles... NTSC closed captions, PAL teletext and DVB subtitles. And we only support them for passthrough, which means you can only keep them if the output contianer also supports them. MKV does not support any of them, so all subtitles are lost when saving to MKV. MP4 supports closed captions, but not the other two. The only format that supports all 3 is TS.


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MKV files use either DVD subtitles or SRT subtitles, neither of which we currently support. It is something we have on our list for a future version, but I have no exact time frame.
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