HD-PVR (1) replacement suggestions please


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Well it happened. After years and years of problem-free service, my Hauppauge PVR up and died on me.
This is the first place I'm coming to to seek advice on a replacement as VRD has been flawless and equally problem-free in producing great copies of my favorite TV shows.
I see there are quite a few options now in the Hauppauge flavor. HDPVR2 as well as PVR60 and some gaming capture devices, also Elgato which I've never heard of but seems popular.

Which unit can I rely on as well as I was able to rely on my original HD-PVR to work well with VRD?

I'm using a typical cable box (Motorola DCH3416) with component outs. Not closed to the idea of using HDMI as long as it will work (copy protection) and not introduce lag. (if there's lag but only while recording that's fine)


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Wow, catastrophe averted.
After much Googling it turns out that the power supplies on these old units commonly go bad.
Tossed on a power supply from an old router and it worked!
FWIW I had the same symptoms that everyone else I read about had... unit LOOKS like it's on alright, blue LED and all. Don't matter, bad power.
Hopefully this helps someone else.
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