Having serious issues with joining videos


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Every time I try to use the joiner tool to combine two video it fails. It used to work like a charm, but over the past several weeks I've been having increasingly frustrating issues.

Mostly what happens is, I open a video in VideoRedo, add it to the joiner list, then open a second video and add that to the joiner list. I always check the joiner list to make sure they're in the right sequence, then to create a new video from the joiner list.

Every time I do this now I get a video showing a few seconds or minutes of the first video, followed by the entirety of the second video. How can I troubleshoot this issue? It's infuriating because I've done this countless times but now it will not work even once.

Please help!


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Could you send us the complete VideoReDo.log file as an attachment?
To view the log file and save it to a new location for submission by email, click on the menu:
Help>Display VideoReDo.log
Also include a reference to your user name and this topic number: 28720


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It could be that the time stamps in the source files are messed up. If you run into this again try running both files through Quick Stream Fix first, then joining those fixed files.

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