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I'm considering buying a Hauppauge HD-PVR. I like the specs and what I see. I'm hoping that some of the good folks on this forum who already have made the leap would provide a little feedback on their experiences/satisfaction.

I understand that I'm stuck without a decent editing option until the VideoReDo team catch up. I have ways around that if necessary.

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I use them, have two, but they are sometimes a pain. Tried another brand that would not even install. If I buy another it will most likely be another Hauppauge.


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Cooling and drivers are the major concerns.
Cooling is better with the later revisions (D2, E1).
The latest version (1.5.6) has been much more stable. I don't
believe I've had a lock-up since upgradiing to this firmware version. It can handle a variety of inputs.
It encodes on-board. So, when recording, it uses very little CPU. Can't say
the same for playback, but that's a function of the decoding. H.264 is a bit of
a pig when it comes to decoding. Which is why video cards with hardware decoding of H.264 are recommended. Software decoding is acceptable if your
CPU can handle it.

The only remaining issue is that we still need a good H.264 editor. We're all
hoping to see VRD produce one. It's been the best and simplest product for MPEG...So we know they can do better than most...But, we wait...
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I have 2 myself and have only had a small handful of lockups in the 5-6 months I have had them. I record quite a bit, so I find them pretty stable.
I've been using TMPGEnc 4.0 Express to convert their recordings to Mpeg-2 if I want to edit them before permanent archival.
I too am waiting very patiently for VRD to release a workable H.264 product...


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Great product

I've been using those cards for years, and haven't had a single issue. I highly recommend them.


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I've been using those cards for years, and haven't had a single issue. I highly recommend them.
I think you are confusing the tuners with the HD-PVR.
These are not cards, but external encoders. (Not a tuner)
They perform on-board encoding and communicate with the PC via USB interface.
The HD-PVR only came out (I believe) at the end of the summer 2008.

(Although, I agree that Hauppauge cards have worked quite well over the years)
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