Has v5 fixed the 3.2 bug where audio stream burned does not match stream selected ?


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File | Open Title from DVD | (select dir containing DVD files) | DVD Title Selector | Audio Stream

More often than not, on a multiple-language DVD, the app will select something like French or Spanish even though the user selects something like "0x80 - AC-3/6ch/English".

Has this been fixed in v5?

My instance of 3.2 has started expanding the user's directories on File | Open Title from DVD and I can't figure out how to stop it.... so I figure that, after 7 years, maybe it's time to pony up for the upgrade - but the Audio Stream bug would be a show-stopper for me.

Is it worth upgrading from 3.2 to 5.x?


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I'm on Ver. 5. I have not noticed your problem.
I work with dvds also.

There have been big changes in audio from your version to ver 5.

But Ver 6 is due out. (next few months I hope!) More big changes.



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You can download and evaluate a free trial of V5 to see if it addresses the problem. I suggest using the V5 beta version just posted. If you purchase an upgrade to V5 now, you'll get a free upgrade to V6 when released.
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