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OK - I think I might have figured out the problem,
and I might have found a bug in VRD.

When you said I had a cut in my project which could be seen
in the top right of VRD, I was certain that there wasn't one there.

When I went back to my project and looked, there wasn't anything listed in the top right.
But then I remembered that I have default set to start up VRD in the Scene mode, not the Cut mode.
When I switched VRD back to start up in the Cut mode and reopened my project, sure enough the cut was there.

It seems that if you have the default set as open in scene mode, VRD is automatically creating a cut the entire length of the video.

When I switched VRD default to open in Cut mode, it didn't create this cut and your Tools worked just fine.

See if you can verify that your version of VRD creates this cut if the default is set to open in Scene mode.

And unless I have some other VRD settings wrong, I think this is a bug.

thanks for all your help



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thanks DD for testing.

this isn't a bug, it's just the way it works. in scene mode you are adding scenes, in cut mode you are cutting scenes, hence why the movie is initially cut in scene mode. problem is that i have to use the project file for the cut info as there is no COM command to find out where the cuts are, so i have to save the file first and read and parse it afterwards.

looks like the tools are best used in cut mode, otherwise there will be usability misunderstandings. i will put a reminder into the program. thanks for figuring that out.



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Thank you Harry for putting this fine tool together.
It's going to be very helpful to me.

One more question:
The overlap settings, can the values be negative?

I want to put -1000 for the end point
since I put the ending scene marker slightly into the next scene.

So I want my settings to be
start = 1000
end = -1000
So that I start the split 1 second before the first scene marker
and quit 1 second before the next scene marker



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yup, can be negative. but what semantic you put into it is up to you.

if you do start=+1000 and end=-1000 then you simply make a shift left for 1 second. but you should be aware that with end=-1000 also the very last end marker is shifted 1 second left, so you might miss the final second.



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Could I trouble you for one more thing.

When build .29a starts numbering the splits, it starts at -01.
Would it be possible to have it default (or have an option)
to start it at -00 ?.

The reason is because the very beginning of the video
is garbage, so I want that file to be number -00.



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sure, no problem. i'll set the first file to -00. if anyone else needs -01, please post and i'll make it optional. otherwise it will be -00.



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build 0.31 is up for the interested ones:


nothing special. the batch adscan is something i did for some trying purposes. although it's already included in VRD, i thought if someone wants to use it, i'll keep it in the menu ;)

Build 0.31:

+ added batch feature: Ad Scan

	you simply specify several files from one directory and an output directory for the project files.
	the program then processes the specified files one after the other:
		* file is opened
		* ad scan is started
		* project file is saved
	filenames are the same as the video filename, but with extension "vprj".
	if a file exists with that name, a numeric value is added to the filename, e. g. movie-(1).vprj

Build 0.30:

+ changed: splitting: filenames with pattern ##.mpg start at 0, was previously 1


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new version is up:


new in this release:

Build 0.32:

+ added batch feature: Quick Stream Fix

select multiple files in a file open dialog, set a destination directory and the program will open every file one after the other and run quick stream fix on it and save it to the destination directory
have fun. feedback would be appreciated :)


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hello guys,

as i don't have enough spare time anymore to enhance the tools, and as i'm a friend of open source, i thought it might be interesting for some of you to get the source code of my tools for videoredo. so here it is:


you can use the source in a private way only (commercial is not allowed) as long as your programs are free of charge for others. the only thing i don't want is that if you enhance the program, don't use my name with it. i've put a lot of time and effort into the program so that it works without failure and without damages. i don't take any responsibility from changes which other people make in their releases.

the program is written in C# with Borland Delphi 2005 Personal Edition (free for private usage). it should be easily convertible in M$ Visual Studio if someone wishes to use that development environment.

have fun & cya


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Hi Harry,

Thanks for your efforts, it's a useful tool and I'm sure others appreciated it too.
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