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new build 0.22 is up, can someone test this and give feedback please? :D


implemented the requests of alphabeta and DD:

Build 0.22:

+ enhanced Split At Scene Markers: 

	edits are now considered; if you don't want this, then you have to clean your edits manually before you call this function
	limitation: scene markers within a cut sequence aren't currently supported

+ enhanced Split At Scene Markers: 

	you can define an overlap for the start of a sequence and the end of a sequence

	example: if you define 3000ms for the start and 2000ms for the end:

		the saved file will begin at the sequcence's start scene marker position minus 3 seconds 
		and will end at the sequence's scene marker end position plus 2 seconds

	these values are defined in the new settings dialog in the main menu 
	and will be !!! saved in settings.ini file !!! for future use 
	=> if you don't want that you have to reset them back to zero after use

+ added Settings Dialog in Main Menu
it's free, so use is as usual at your own risk! :wink:


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That is great!!

I had downloaded the first version last week thinking it did this and was diasappointed when I realized I had misread... This latest version is awesome though! Exactly what I've been wanting - I'll use it almost every day now!


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When I normally save stuff through VideoRedo I have it saved to use a Bitrate of 20, otherwise it defaults to 15 and I get PTS errors. Is there a way to specify that with this program? Just looking through my VideRedo log I see that preference did not carry over when Harry's Tools saved my files.



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hi tim,

thanks for the kind words :D currently it isn't possible to specify anything like that, all i can specify is the output file type like defined here in VRD's documentation:

BOOL FileSaveAsEx( const char *filename, short outputType )
FileSaveAsEx( filename as string, outputType as integer) as Integer

filename Character string containing a MPEG program file.
outputType 1 = Program Stream, 2 = Elementary Streams, 3 = VOB (MPEG with blank NAV packets ).
in other words: everything is possible that's possible with the COM commands, which VideoReDo provides which by the way is totally awesome regarding to the openness to his program which Dan offers :D

but as you mentioned it: my tools are just some tools which help to do some scripting stuff i needed for myself. as i don't like visualbasic scripting and prefer a clean GUI, i thought i'd do it in C#. and as i already programmed it i thought why not share it with others. using it at a daily basis is maybe the wrong way, if more people like the features, i'd rather advise you to ask Dan to implement them directly in VRD, as it's always VRD who does the job, not the tools :wink:


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Harry said:
new build 0.22 is up, can someone test this and give feedback please? :D

I'm having trouble getting Split At Scene Markers and Project Batch to work in build .22, although they worked just fine in build .19

Getting error message:
Sorry, but scene markers in the cut segments (including begin and of of the segment) are currently not supported. Please place your scene markers outside the cut segments. This function will abort now, no files will be saved.

I don't have any cut segments, only scene markers.

One other small request.

In Project Batch, could you change the split file separator from an underscore to a dash?




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thanks for the info, will take a look into it asap.

currently adding a feature that you can save only the cut or scene marker segment in which the cursor currently is. maybe some need it for saving mtv music videos. i for myself record a 4 hour movie and then save the clips one after the other, finding the good clips is awesome fast with VRD. can't stand watching 4 hours of mtv ringtone commercial :D


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new version is up:


(hint: for download you have to click on the "free" button)

any volunteers who can test it? :D

new time-saving function: save current scene segment. use case: eg if you scan through your mtv video stream and want to save only one certain video, you place a begin scene marker and an end scene marker, put the vrd cursor between them and select the "save current scene segment" menu point in order to simply save this one ;)

Build 0.29:

+ added "Save Current Cut Segment"

saves only the cut segment in which the cursor currently is positioned

+ added "Save Current Scene Segment"

saves only the scene segment in which the cursor currently is positioned

+ changed the "_##" filepostfix in split scene batch processing to "-##"

+ rewritten the multisplit algorithm, scene markers within cut segments are considered as well now

+ added parsing of "DebugMode=true" setting which can be set in settings.ini for several purposes
currently: in multisplit mode a simple messagebox pops up before the file is saved;
this way one can see the selection that is made in videoredo


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Tried the new improved "cut at scenes (with respect for cuts)" and also "save current cut segment" and "save current scene segment".

All worked fine.

Fantastic thanks!

:D :D


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Still having trouble getting Split At Scene Markers and Project Batch to work.
build .29 does some strange things.

1) In Project Batch, I request that your remove the pop-up
that tells you what your begin and end overlap time is.
In Project Batch mode, the complete process should be able
to run unattended.

2) The overlap time window would not display the correct end time.
No matter what time you put in for the end time, it would duplicate the
value entered in the begin time.

3) No actual splits were made at the scene markers.
Each file was exactly the same length as the original file.
example: If I placed 2 scene markers in 100 MB file named test.mpg
in project testprg, I would end up with 3 100 MB mpg files
testprg-01.mpg, testprg-02.mpg, testprg-03.mpg

Project file is split correctly using .19 build



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thanks for testing guys :D version 0.29a addresses DD's finds 1) and 2)


Build 0.29a:

+ changed: Overlap Ms info popup is now displayed only at the beginning in scene batch mode

+ added possibility to hide the Overlap Ms info popup completely

	in the settings.ini simply put in the following line in the [Settings] category:


	default is true

+ fix: Overlap Ms info popup showed begin time as end time
in regular usage mode i recommend to always show the overlap warning popup.

but remark 3) works for me, my files are splitted correctly. does this only occur in batch mode or as well in "Save Current Scene Segment" and "Split At Scene Markers"?



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Harry said:
but remark 3) works for me, my files are splitted correctly. does this only occur in batch mode or as well in "Save Current Scene Segment" and "Split At Scene Markers"?


It occurs in both modes.

Here is what I do.
1) open a mpg file in a new project.
2) mark each scene with "A" key.
3) save project.
4) run your tools app

One thing I notice is that when it's running in build .19
I can see VRD highlight each scene in the timeline that is been split.
In build .29 I don't see this.



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thanks for the info.

you can see the highlighting when you add


into the settings.ini file and restart the tools app. if this is set, then before every FileSaveAs COM command is executed, a message box with the filename appears. this way you see what is actually selected in the VRD instance.

but strange thing, everything works on my sys and alphabeta sounded like it would work for him as well.. so in detail you:

*) open VRD
1) open a mpg file in a new project.
2) mark each scene with "A" key.
3) save project.
*) close VRD
4) run your tools app => VRD is opened implicitly
*) open last saved project
*) select "split at scene markers" function

i did the same and it works for me. correct me please if you have a different step.

could you post the application.log and the content of the videoredo project file please? maybe this will help to sort the problem out. thanks. :D


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OK Harry

application log:

10:22:49: Application StartUp
10:23:30: COM: GetCursorTimeMsec
10:23:30: APP: Processing: Start
10:23:30: COM: WriteProjectFile, Params: C:\Documents and Settings\David\My Documents\Software\HarrysTool\temp\temp.vprj
10:23:31: COM: FileOpen, Params: C:\Documents and Settings\David\My Documents\Software\HarrysTool\temp\temp.vprj
10:23:33: NFO: saveToMultipleFiles: FileName: C:\test29a-##.mpg, Current Pos: 0, Video Segment: [0,41540][38540,80079][77079,127626][124626,158958], Cut Segments: [0,158958]
10:23:33: COM: SetCutMode, Params: False
10:23:33: COM: ClearAllSelections
10:23:33: APP: Saving File 1/4: test29a-01.mpg
10:23:38: COM: FileSaveAsEx, Params: C:\test29a-01.mpg 1
10:23:38: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:23:40: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:23:42: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:23:44: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:23:46: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:23:48: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:23:50: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:23:52: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:23:54: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:23:56: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:23:58: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:24:00: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:24:02: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:24:02: COM: SetCutMode, Params: False
10:24:02: COM: ClearAllSelections
10:24:02: APP: Saving File 2/4: test29a-02.mpg
10:24:05: COM: FileSaveAsEx, Params: C:\test29a-02.mpg 1
10:24:06: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:24:08: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:24:10: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:24:12: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:24:14: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:24:16: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:24:18: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:24:20: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:24:22: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:24:24: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:24:26: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:24:28: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:24:30: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:24:32: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:24:32: COM: SetCutMode, Params: False
10:24:32: COM: ClearAllSelections
10:24:32: APP: Saving File 3/4: test29a-03.mpg
10:24:35: COM: FileSaveAsEx, Params: C:\test29a-03.mpg 1
10:24:35: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:24:37: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:24:39: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:24:41: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:24:43: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:24:45: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:24:47: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:24:49: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:24:51: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:24:53: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:24:55: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:24:57: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:24:59: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:25:01: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:25:03: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:25:05: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:25:05: COM: SetCutMode, Params: False
10:25:05: COM: ClearAllSelections
10:25:05: APP: Saving File 4/4: test29a-04.mpg
10:25:06: COM: FileSaveAsEx, Params: C:\test29a-04.mpg 1
10:25:06: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:25:08: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:25:10: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:25:12: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:25:14: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:25:16: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:25:18: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:25:20: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:25:22: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:25:24: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:25:26: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:25:28: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:25:30: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:25:32: COM: IsOutputInProgress
10:25:32: COM: Close
10:25:33: APP: Processing: Finished
10:25:48: COM: Close

project file:

<VideoReDoVersion> 2. 1. 1. 412 - Sep 17 2005
<MPEG Stream Type>2
<Cut 0>1:1589589555:0:114405380 00:00:00;00, 00:02:38;28, 00:00:00;00
<SceneMarker 0>405405333
<SceneMarker 1>790790777
<SceneMarker 2>1266266222




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thanks DD, this helps a lot.

check your project file:

<Cut 0>1:1589589555:0:114405380 00:00:00;00, 00:02:38;28, 00:00:00;00

the reason why it worked in previous versions is simply that the cuts weren't considered. now they are as it was requested and it's imo more usable. in your project file you cut out everything => you want nothing saved => nothing should be saved, but in fact everything is saved. it's a tricky bug, nice find of yours :D will try to fix it asap, should do no circumstances in regular work though.

just remove the cuts in vrd, save the project file again and everything should work fine now. i would appreciate your feedback if this solved the problem.

thanks for helping :D


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The strange thing is that I didn't put any cuts in this project,
only scene splits.

Explain again how I remove the cut.
Do I edit the project file?



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two possible solutions:

*) remove the line with the cut in the project file

or the better one:

*) open the project in vrd, on the top right in vrd you should see that you have exactly one cut. click on it and remove it, save the file.



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I'll check my project again,
but I'm almost positive that there are no cuts listed in the top right of VRD.

What line needs removed in the project file?




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there must be one as this is in your project file:

<Cut 0>1:1589589555:0:114405380 00:00:00;00, 00:02:38;28, 00:00:00;00

=> delete this one.

i do hope that this has nothing to do with using cut mode or scene mode for editing.

thanks & cya
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