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I have a TV episode in mp4 format that is presented in what I call a 'ribbon', i.e. it has the video itself as a narrow band with black bars above and below it. For some reason some movie creators love this presentation and occasionally TV gets the same treatment. If I try to create a smaller mp4 or avi file I get the video in full screen with faces elongated vertically. I have converted the mp4 to mpg in VideoReDo, which presents the video as widescreen without the black above and below, but when I have tried to reduce it I get the full screen but with horsey faces. I would be very grateful to learn how I can get a mp4 or avi file with the bands retained. I do get bands when I use VRD to extract movies or TV episodes from DVDs and then reduce, but not in this case.
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Problem solved, sort of. I used VRD, rather than another converter, to convert from mpg to mp4. This resulted in a file that displayed as a strip on a PC but on a TV as a strip with black bars top and bottom. What still seems strange is that the other three episodes show as strip plus black on both PC and TV. The other problem I had with other conversion methods was out-of-sync lips. Creating the mp4 with VRD got the sync right.


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The method of presentation is called leterbox with the black bands top and bottom.

Depending on your plabck device you might consider cropping the video to 16:9 to remove the black bars since you are recoding anyway.


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If you use the aspect correction option it will fix this automatically. Just set the aspect to 16:9 and the aspect correction to Crop. If the source file needs it then the top and bottom will be cropped to remove the black bars.
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