Handbraked WTV>>MKV plays fine, but VRD clips start


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BACKSTORY: I've got a ton of .WTV files, mostly cut with VRD. With the imminent demise of Win7 (WMC ... sheds tear) and eyeing replacements, and running out of space, and with just recently realizing that HandBrake can shrink these things with no apparent loss of quality, I'm starting to HB the crap out of everything I have.

Enter this weirdness:
I've got these short, animated Paw Patrol episodes in H.264 WTV files. I crunch them through HB, makes MKV files, and they play fine in VLC. Only into the second batch, I notice that when I reopen some/most (but not 100%) of these resulting MKV files in VRD again, that the front appears chopped off ... VRD is starting later in the file but presenting it as if it's the start. Even weirder, at least one result from the same batch HB run does not show this behavior. And I just found one ("Toof") that opens in VRD with a request to QSF immediately, won't play, and crashes that VRD instance.

I thought this behavior could be related to and/or possibly explain this recent VRD thread (though experienced differently), but I didn't want to hijack that thread (so I'll go drop this URL into that one, just in case).

My tests show roughly a 9-second cutoff by VRD ... that's not just a few frames. While I shouldn't need to VRD these particular files again, I'm concerned/scared that if I wanted to, it would produce what the cutoff file it displays or something even stranger. Or that this might manifest in a problem some other way after I dump the larger originals (like I did with the first batch). I can't tell if this is an issue in the format of file or the length what, but since VLC plays it fine, I know the start is in there and I have to assume it's a problem with how VRD reads it.

Notably, I haven't noticed this behavior with any of my movie files (yet) and the one Paw Patrol I found so far that didn't do this was a double-length Christmas episode. But I also found a shorter ones ("Train" & "Doodle") that open correctly from Batch 1.

To keep this post short(er), I'm only posting my views of the same MKV file: a few frames in (fading up) on VLC, and Frame 1 as shown by VRD. I've also got the HB logs, can MediaInfo stuff (but WTV doesn't play nice), and the files of course, if it helps to see them for support. Just ask so I don't bog this down with stuff y'all don't need.

The quick rundown:
HandBrake 1.2.0 (2018121700) [now upgraded to 1.2.2 (2019022300)]
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1
GPU Information: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB -
VLC 3.0.6

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Yes, thanks! The HB on that one is running now. I had it running Slower mode before so I'm doing that again to only change the one output parameter. Based on the log, I believe I've made all other parameters the same as before.


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Done. And VRD didn't have a problem with it. (So I suppose you don't need to see it?)

But I assume this attempt was only fact-finding? I want to standardize my library on MKV (due to features it has over MP4), but also continue to use VRD without issue. So what are my options now? Thanks!


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Not sure. I can duplicate with your HB encoded clip, but not with my clips.

1. Which encoder did you use?

2. What video settings did you use?

3. Any filters?


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Maybe it would be best if I answered that with the HB log file (attached here), so we don't miss anything (and it might bring up something else useful).

As best as I can answer straight-up:

1. H.264 (x264) [same as original file]

2. A lot of these answers are contained in the attached log, but the highlights are probably:
FPS same as source
VFR (of course)
Qual RF22
Preset: Slower
Tune: Animation

3. Filters: I think the only thing I ever changed here was Deinterlace with Yadif (vs. Decomb).

I can also upload my original source file, if that would help. Maybe something squirrelly is going on in there.


P.S. - I'll see if I can't try again changing either Animation or Yadif tonight. Still, I would hope VRD could read the results with whatever settings as well as VLC.


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